Single Cylinder Cage

KSh7,800.00 KSh7,200.00

13kg Single Cage

1000mm(H) x 450mm(W) x 450mm(L)

Save with Excellent Quality Gas Cage Supply

There is no reason to pay more for your quality gas cages than necessary.
Rest assured that we only use the finest quality raw materials when it comes to the manufacturing of our cages. This provides you with even more peace of mind when it comes to storing your gas cylinder at home.
Let us use our lifetime of experience in the industry to provide you with the great quality gas cage supply you need.


Affordable and Quality Gas Cage Supply in

For many years, we have been at the forefront of cutting edge gas cage supply in the Kenya. Our company has worked with both the commercial and domestic markets to provide them with affordable, quality and durable gas cages to meet their diverse needs. We make it easier than ever to safely store your gas cylinders in beautiful and durable steel cages.
Robustly built, our units are the perfect storage place for your gas cylinders. If you need an all-weather housing solution that is aesthetically designed with safety features to boot, then we are your first choice. In line with our vision to promote safety and our love for steel, we supply our gas cages in neat housings to keep your gas cylinders protected from outside elements.
Our cages are easily assembled and can be fixed to solid level floors where the gas cylinders will be stored. Let us help you keep your gas cylinders safe and operating optimally with our quality and durable cages. We are proud of our excellent service in the industry, and continue to work hard to lead our sector forward in cutting edge innovation.

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Dimensions 1 × 0.45 × 0.45 cm
Gas Cages

Safety, Outdoor, Installation

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  1. getgaskeadmin

    Safety is a key pillar in the protection of your kin,gas cylinders need to be kept outside of the house out of the reach of children. Ensuring that you put the lives of your family out of harm and create extra space in the house is a double saving. Take charge!!

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