Commercial LP Gas Applications

Value Proposition

We offer different customer value propositions for different customers based on their size, current usage, business type, requirement and potential. Our Customer Relationship Management processes are meant to helping to add value for both customer and the company in the short and long run.

After sales service, Reliable technical advices and consultations or installation of LP Gas supply systems are provided as value additions to our commercial customer. 

A Customer is supplied with good quality products and cylinders and maintenance and safety and integrity inspections are carried out to make sure to keep the premise safe at all  times.


Bulk LPG Supply

LPG Supply in Bulk best suits Manufacturing, Hospitality and Real Estate Players.

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Bulk Gas supply range is: 500Kg to 22 Tonnes and Above. Free Delivery within Nairobi, haulage costs for Nairobi outskirts and East African Countries.
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Medical Gas Supply

Medical Gas Supply and Kits. Meet your medical gas requirements and gas piping needs for your clinic or hospital with us.

Gas Piping and Accessories

Submit your request with us on what your hospital requirements are. We will consult with you on the most efficient solutions and meet your medical gas deliveries.
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LPG Piping Service

LPG transmission to where you need it require piping experts like us.

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We help you realize your LPG piping needs. Our experts will visit your premises to inspect the avenues available for LPG piping service.
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Gas Fire Prevention

Gas fires are rapid and fast acting on the destruction of property and life. Automated Gas Fire Suppression is a critical requirement.

Cryptzo Engineering

Prevent down times associated with typical fire suppression systems. We offer automated agent systems extinguishing fires with a 10 seconds discharge.
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Getgas LPG Deliveries

LPG for Corporates

Does your firm engage in in-house meal service for your employees?

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We offer Fast and Efficient LPG Delivery Services. Request for Contract Service for Year-on-Year Service Level Agreements for LPG Supply to your firm.
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Project Management

Are you in Real Estate, Hotels, Gas Depot Hospitality, Patient Care and Manufacturing. Do you have LPG fired needs? Talk to us...

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We offer: Environmental Scan Surveys, Project Viability Scores, LPG Project Quantity Surveying, Quotation and Final Execution of LPG Plant Setup Project.
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Take the offer a FREE 50Kg Cylinder. Receive a Capital  Expenditure Relief of Ksh 10,000 for Cylinder Purchase. Pay only for Gas (50Kg) without having to own the cylinders.

We have identified Hotels, Restaurants, Fast food chains, clinics and other small scale industrial customers as a commercial segment. These commercial applications can be serviced through a single large cylinder or several cylinders connected together with a manifold to form a “gas bank”. 


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Domestic Installs Inspection
Fireplace Maintenance Service
Commercial Kitchen Inspection
Commercial Cooking Range Service

Annual safety audits (visual) will be carried out at your LP Gas system to ensure LPG system is in good and safe condition by Getgas Energen technical staff. Training for the customers’ staff can also be arranged on request.