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Getgas Energen was founded in 2016 with the main objective of building a network of LPG hotspots targeted towards increasing access to cooking gas to the masses.

We’re a leading LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) online aggregator with an network of suppliers cutting across the country. We offer affordable energy solutions to domestic and business customers across Kenya.

Tonny Sudi

Founder & CEO

Our projects



Our company values are focused on five core areas


We offer niche specific solutions that would aid into improving your services


Our mission is to help bridge the gap between users and LPG suppliers.

Application Areas

We make thorough assessment and site study before proposing a new system to make the most cost effective and precision. Our tendering and marketing teams coordinate to get a better price for any estimates; be it domestic, industrial and commercial gas installation system or LPG for thermal equipment.

Residential and Commercial Buildings

"We offer Gas Piping Services to Apartments units and Corporate Offices Units for Cooking and Heating" commits Getgas.

Coffee and Cafeterias

"Prepare a platter and cafe with efficient round times with our busy kitchen piping solutions" assures Getgas.

Central Kitchens

"Acquire modern high and low pressure cooking ranges installed and serviced by us" says Getgas

School Kitchen and Laboratories​

"Conduct lab experiments with LPG fire in the Lab while achieving faster cooking times with gas fired cooking ranges" says Getgas

Hotels and Restaurants

"LPG gas has higher heat value and is cheaper, we install a bulk tank at your site and pipe the gas for you" informs Getgas.

Food Courts and Shopping Malls

"We offer 50Kg LPG filled cylinders for you for free to help you achieve seamless operations with fast refill times." promises Getgas.


LPG Logistics Handling 83%
Human Capital Development 66%
Innovation in Oil and Gas 68%
Bulk Gas Installations 53%
Corporate Social Responsibility 67%
Client Satisfaction 92%


We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

If you want to contact us about any issue:

Kindly call :+254 704 044 437 Or Send us an email.

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